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Monday, September 2, 2013

getting down with our homemaker selves

Being a homemaker is not exactly prestigious. There, I said it. But I find it so hilarious that some of the most popular magazines out there are for homemaking, for example, Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living, and all of those food magazines, including the one for foodies, Food and Wine. Other magazines focus on women being beautiful and coveted in an age where we are supposed to deny that we need men at all.. for anything! It's all so confusing, is it not? And hilarious.

So, let's stop pretending; we care about it all. We want our homes beautiful and organized ( even when it is logically impossible;), we want to cook and bake delicious food for ourselves and others, we want to look our best, and yes, we want our husband's attention. 

A few decades ago women went into the workforce to show they could do it all. Let's get back into our homes, even if we have work that takes us out of it, and be proud of every part of our lives as women.

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