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Saturday, October 3, 2015

aging gracefully

Is it possible? I wonder when I am 60 if it will be easy to look 60. I am in my thirties and expecting my 5th. It shows.

Varicose Veins on back of Woman's Legs

I always thought I would be ok with aging. It doesn't make rational sense not to be, after all. But even with some of the negative consequences, the choices I've made have had many positive consequences that more firmly set me on the path I have chosen. My legs are still strong, but one is now tie-dyed purple. Some moms see me coming with my four kids and after polite conversation and ready to escape my chaotic existence. I can't keep up with fashion because I have to keep up with the bills. But none of this makes me sad.

In fact, I am very very happy. Maybe happy is not the word. Maybe content is the word. I am growing more into who I am, with my feet more firmly placed on the ground. I am making real, true friendships with women I admire and who see something in me as well. My kids make me look at how I can be a better person each day. And they make me laugh watching them enjoy each other in what a doctor admiringly called "the truly creative process."

So my house is a long way from where I'd like it to be, the messy chaos showing children at work/play; you'll often find us running/driving through the neighborhood looking for my dog that gleefully escapes through an slightly opened door; I'll never finish putting the laundry away. But I am living the life I have always dreamed. It looks different on the outside than I thought it would, but its what's on the inside that really matters.


  1. Beautiful, Katie...I could've written the same thing (but not as eloquently!). I didn't realize that you were expecting again. How wonderful!!! :)

  2. Dearest Katie,

    This is Darlene Namahoe, Michael's classmate. I recently found your blog again and have been catching up. Aging gracefully? Well, take it from someone who is pushing 60... Life is too short not to do everything gracefully... I think the key is "grace" in "gracefully" is it not? We live our lives by grace, pray our choices are informed by grace and strive for lives that are "full of grace". Looking back, I see even the things I thought were the worst things ever to happen to me were the way God was protecting me, providing for me and pulling me closer to Him.
    This, I think, is the essence of graceful aging--wisdom and love. Nothing else matters. And you seem to have an abundance of both. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family... if, by chance, you have time and are located near Vero Beach, check out the Center for Spiritual Care. One of the co-founders, Carol Ludwig, served with me in Rome 20 years ago and belonged to my prayer group there. I think we went on a couple of retreats together. She was a wonderful, insightful woman back then and she now does spiritual direction and teaches. Here's a link to the center:

    Take care, Katie, and God bless you, Mike and the little ones. I'll be following your blog....