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Thursday, April 16, 2015

glory of motherhood

I've been in a pause state with this blog.

Would I continue?
Should I continue?
What is my aim?

What I want to be doing is sharing the journey. Sharing the glory.

Our culture has made a huge mistake in devaluing mothers. You can feel it. It is tossed aside and yet, most women are mothers. And if we devalue mothers, we are devaluing children, and ultimately ourselves. So I begin with a question.

Who is the Queen of Heaven and Earth?

A mother.

Who we are is important. It's importance is deigned by God and therefore, promoted by the Church, who is also a Mother, doctrinely speaking, and funnily enough.

So our goal is to

Let motherhood form us.


Delve deeper into its riches.


Be thankful for its glory.


And Let our motherhood be informed by Mary.
artist unknown

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