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Thursday, January 1, 2015

despite all odds

for yesteryear!...

As women and moms we are never short on challenges. There are tangible physical challenges of meeting daily deadlines to schools, time deadlines of getting to practices, laundry and housework and meals, thrice daily. These are mere physical realities, not to mention the ever present personal ones. I won't go on, because the picture is pretty clear.

What we don't perhaps do often enough is look back and see our accomplishments as such. A lot happens in a year! We've met big and more importantly little, hidden challenges that only God and us know, and these are worth acknowledging. Otherwise we could take ourselves for granted and I don't think this was intended for us. 

Give yourself kudos, and really celebrate this past year before you think about the next. Perhaps then when you think of 2015, you'll see it as another opportunity to succeed rather than as another year where you maybe have to fix something. 

Happy New Year!

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