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Sunday, January 20, 2013

its not wasting time

Three senior lady friends enjoying social afternoon with tea and cakes - HD stock video clip

Some people think of the time moms spend together as time frivolously spent. If its directed toward another aim like that of providing a playdate for the children, then it can be excused. But what of the coffees women set up during the week for themselves? If there is a bit of time left to oneself, should it be spent solely doing laundry?

Let's start with some assumptions. In economic terms, these are always the base-line parameters that help one set up theories. Moms that work from the home can be with the children from anywhere between  15-17 hours a day. This doesn't include moms of newborns or moms of kids with health problems, because then it bumps it up to 24 hours a day. This is especially so when you have a family larger than one child because some are very small while the older ones are at school. Those are facts, not complaints, and they come with the territory of being a mom who chooses to stay home. And anyone who knows anything of what moms do its nothing short of educating the entire person(s) for the hours mentioned previously.

I believe that part of the week must include time spent with friends, hashing out ideas and sharing the week's demands. Its not wasting time. Its the natural part of life regarding friendship and it means taking care of oneself and one's friends. Perhaps it was more natural when more moms were in the neighborhood. But it is needed more than ever. And I'll venture to say it for women of all ages and states in life!

So if it isn't a part of your regular routine, by golly make it! :)

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